Testing and Certification

Our foam has been extensively tested for suitability in all our markets. Testing is generally carried out by our customers on their assembled components but we carry out indicative tests on our materials to assist our customers to achieve their required specifications.

Foam testing and certificationOur foam products have passed the following tests:

  • BS476 Part 7 – Surface Spread of flame
  • BS5852 Ignition source crib 7
  • BS6853 Annex B.2 – Toxic fume
  • BS853 D8.5 – Smoke density (3 metre cube test)
  • ISO 5660 Cone Calorimeter
  • CS-25.853 App F Part 1a 1(ii) – Vertical burns test for aircraft.
  • BS EN ISO 3385 – Constant load pounding test – 240,000 cycles (extremely severe)
  • EN 45545 HL3 – Fire Risk Evaluation



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