Our Technology

Graphite (Crib 7) Foam

This high quality foam is usually used for our aircraft and rail customers that require the Crib 7 fire safety levels for their products. It is highly flame retardant in comparison with other solutions and will not catch alight even if exposed to a naked flame. This degree of fire retardance makes it a very attractive product solution for suppliers to industries that have to meet tough fire safety standards such as in the passenger transport markets.

Graphite foam is fairly heavy at 80 to 85Kg/m³. It is grey in colour and the hardness can be formulated from 120 to over 1300 Newtons.

Melamine (Crib 5) Foam Crib Foam

This type of foam is commonly found in domestic transport seating and is a lower cost option to the graphite foam. This foam has a density of 50-55 Kg/m³ but can be formulated down to as low as 40 Kg/m³. It is creamy white in colour and the hardness can be formulated from 120 to over 600 Newtons.

We run low pressure machinery for graphite foam and high pressure for melamine. Our machines service 6 metre carousels which can accommodate up to 16 tools.

Our fully equipped laboratory is able to measure hardness and density of components and carry out macroscopic examination of cell structure. We are also able to carry out durability testing of products to guarantee their conformance to our customers’ specifications.